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Will draw: about anything. People, anthro, gore, animals, robots, etc. - I probably won’t draw anything including offensive content.

There are certain few NSFW stuff I wont draw but talk about it with me and I’ll let you know!

I USE PAYPAL - I’ll give my email address when we talk. We can discuss details through submit or ask.

Thanks for reading ☆.。.:*・°☆

*angry fuking Xiu Xiu lyrics*

pfftftfff quick studies here are the refs: [x] [x] [x]

iscribble reqs

palette requests

someones feeling under-dressed for summer wear

for a school project

dont ask me when i last read homestuck

four walls and adobe slabs for my girlss

my old-ass OCs ready to kick som boy butts

Swap-around meme!

Glitchcube (tumblr)

Nawiz (tumblr)

D͢o̶n̨͝’̶̧͟t ͝ma̴k̵̵͠e̡͟ ͞f̵̀u͏̷̀n̵̴ ̡̕of͝ ̧̡͘ḿ͜y ̷nįght o̕͜u͜͟҉t̛́͢.̴̕

style study (   /  _>  \ )

movie still studies

these were lying aroudn and wanted them out so here